Appreplica offers the following apps which you can embed on sites powered WordPress, Squarespace, Facebook Fan pages, and/or just about anywhere you can enter custom HTML code.
Displays a unified feed of all your social media posts sorted by the post date.
Displays your Pixegram posts.
Displays your Instagram posts.
Displays your Twitter posts.
Displays your recently pinned Pinterest items.
Displays your recently uploaded Behance photos.
Displays your Wordpress posts.
Displays your Tumblr posts.
Displays your Medium posts.
Displays your public Flickr galleries.
Displays your public SmugMug galleries with full screen slideshows.
SmugMug Store
Displays your public SmugMug galleries with buy links to purchase photos.
Displays your public Zenfolio galleries.
Displays your entire YouTube Channel as though you were viewing it on YouTube itself
Displays your recently uploaded Vimeo videos.
Displays your Twitch channel´s past broadcasts.
Displays multiple iTunes podcasts for one or more broadcasters.
Displays multiple iTunes albums and song previews for one or more artists.
Displays multiple Spotify albums and song previews for one or more artists.
Displays multiple Deezer albums and song previews for one or more artists.
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Multiple design choices

Select from a constantly growning selection of website and app design choices and switch designs as often as you like without having to touch a single line of code on your own website.
Powerful media galleries

No need to install extra plugins and go through all the hard work of setting up your own photo and video galleries. We also offer powerful retina quality photo and video galleries with unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and worldwide CDN already built it.
Why should I embed content?

Because you shouldn’t be sending your hard earned visitors to other sites, they should be sending visitors to you! With Appreplica, you can embed content from your other sites in your own website and keep your hard earned visitors on your own site much longer where they can consume your own content.
100% cloud based solution

With a fully cloud based service and a lightweight WordPress plugin, adding these apps to your WordPress or your own custom sites will not slow down your websites as all the content is rendered in the cloud and remotely displayed in your site.
Works with virtually all platforms

Using your own platform such as WordPress? You can still use our apps! Our apps also work with most platforms and even your own custom coded websites. In fact, if your platform supports adding a few lines of Javascript code, then our platform should work fine.
Facebook Fan Pages

Our apps can be added to your Facebook fan pages! Stop wasting hundreds of dollars per year with other Facebook fan page tab providers just to include a tab in your fan page. With a personal subscription, you can add one or more of our 20+ apps to your Facebook fan pages.
Realtime synchronization

You won't have to wait hours or be limited by infrequent synchronization schedules of other providers to see your latest posts. All our apps are always synchronized in realtime with your social media accounts and will update automatically within a few minutes of when you post them.