Whether you have only basic development skills and build websites just for yourself or are an advanced developer building websites for high end clients, Appreplica's website and apps platform can be used to build powerful websites that can impress even the most hard to please client. Here is a summary of the major platforms that our apps can be used with to build your next website.


Is your website's general focus portfolios and creative based? Are you looking for an all in one solution with an impressive collection of customizable designs you won't be able to find anywhere else that require virtually no design and coding skills? Then our own Website Platform is where you should definitely start!

Pricing: Our cloud based platform is able to easily support millions of monthly visitors, includes unlimited bandwidth and media storage, and which costs only $50/year is going to be hard to beat.

WordPress (self hosted)

WordPress powers 25% of all the websites in the world and is the platform most developers use when they require maximum flexibility. All our apps can be added to self-hosted WordPress powered websites by installing our Appreplica Social Embeds Plugin and it should work with virtually all WordPress themes. If you have the requisite design skills to work with WordPress, this is a great option.

Pricing: Hosting costs can vary anywhere from $48/year for a low traffic website to $12,000+/year for high traffic websites with managed services.

We've devoted an entire page to how Appreplica plays nice with WordPress that we recommend you read.

The hosted version of WordPress does not allow 3rd party plugins or even the ability to add HTML code blocks to your pages. Unfortunately our apps are not compatible with their service.

Facebook Fan Pages

Our apps can be added to your Facebook fan pages! Stop wasting hundreds of dollars per year with other Facebook fan page tab providers just to include a tab in your fan page. With a personal subscription, you can add one or more of our 30+ apps to your Facebook fan pages.

Other Platforms

Appreplica's apps can be used anywhere you can include custom code, so whether you are a serious developer coding websites from scratch or using a popular CMS platform, you can use our apps.